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Enting Has Been Providing Water Softeners Since 1965. The Systems We Offer Are Constructed Of The Finest Components Found In The Marketplace Today. Go To Our Home Page To Use Our Water Softener Sizing Calculator. Call Us At 937-294-5100 Or Email Us For More Information At info@enting.com

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Downflow Metered Water Softeners
Digital Metered Water Softeners
On Demand Performance. Manufactured in the US
  UpFlow Metered Water Softeners
Fleck 5810SXT UpFlow & 1.25
UpFlow 1.25" Systems. 12% more Efficiency Than Downflow Softeners. Manufactured in the US
  Alternating Duplex Water Softeners
Fleck 9100 & 9100SXT Alternating Duplex Water Softeners
24/7 Soft Water For Home Or Business. Manufactured in the US
Time Clock Water Softeners
Autotrol 255/760
Regenerates On A Set Schedule. Manufactured in the US

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