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If these actually worked, we would sell them. There are dozens of these devices found all over the Internet, some electronic, some magnetic, some just a tank with "special media" inside that promote that they "straighten out hardness ions" or "prevent scale". The bottom line is that none of these devices actually do anything much less soften water and are not backed by science, certification or third party validation which is why reputable companies
do not sell them. Don't be scammed! Call Or Email For A True Water Softener Quote >> info@enting.com

WS TypeTank And Media Without A Control Valve
These are just water softener tanks with a filtration media inside. They claim that they "prevent scale" but they do not. Some include a cartridge filter to protect the filter media since this system does not clean itself. Google Angie's List Reviews to see people's experiences with these. Click on picture to view another type.

Electronic TypeElectronic Wrap Around Pipe Type

This is an electronic circuit board that connects to thin wires which wrap around the outside of your pipes. It is said that it would take the energy from Niagra Falls to create enough of an energy field to make an electro-magnet work against a small household pipe. Hardly scientific. Click on picture to view another type.

Cartridge TypeCartridge Type

This is nothing more than an inexpensive cartridge filter and if there is a softening resin cartridge inside, it needs to be replaced often and at a high annual cost. Click on picture to view of another type.

Magnet TypeMagnet Clamp Around Pipe Type

There are dozens of these scams on the Internet, but you will be hard pressed to find one in a local bricks and mortar store. Note the money back guarantee which keeps them out of trouble. Click on picture to see a common one.