miamisburg ohio water hardness reduction miamisburg ohio water hardness reduction
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Miamisburg Ohio recently brought online what they call a "water softening plant". Actually it is a water hardness reduction plant which is different. The water that they are delivering is not soft just less hard. What used to be 26 grains of hardness (not 22) has been reduced to 10 grains. We continuously and recently tested the water at this level and we do not believe that it will come down any lower than 10 grains so set your system settings to this level. The piping system has been exposed to hard water for many years so the hardness increases as it travels through the water distribution system so when they say it leaves the plant at 7 grains this explains the increase. Miamisburgs website says that water can be "too soft" through a water softener but that is patently false.

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